This website is a guide for students to get information from and help them communicate with the Wellesley School Committee and the district administration. It is made and managed by Rachel White and Ian Lei, Student Representatives to the School Committees who are elected from the high school to represent student interests and opinions.

Date:  TBA

Agenda:  TBA

How to watch:  Wellesley Media, Comcast 8, or Verizon 40 (If it is not broadcast on the government channel, switch to the community channel here, Comcast 9, or Verizon 39)

Previous Wellesley School Committee Meeting:

Date:  7/15/2020

Agenda:  Linked here

Summary:  Linked here

Note: On July 23, WPS will be holding a live community update on school reopening from 4:00 to 5:30 pm.

To view the meeting, click this link. The password to the meeting is 6t^*0$B.d

Current WHS Student School Committee Representatives:

Ian Lei (Chairperson)


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